7 Reasons to Join a Coworking Space



We all know what it feels like to wake up, stretch, sip your morning tea and plan for your day, with the need to be productive at the forefront of your mind. But we all know what it’s like when the clock hits 10, and you realize you haven’t done laundry, and you’re on your last clean jeans. It’s 10:45 and you realize you’ve yet to get groceries, raise the children, solved the world hunger crisis or see every single episode of Gilmore Girls. Suddenly, that becomes your mission; to do everything you can do at another time, right that very moment. My solution to this problem? Find yourself a coworking space! The atmosphere is very conducive to getting ish done, there’s always free coffee (or tea if you’re like me), and best of all, you don’t have to feel guilty when 5pm rolls around because you’ve actually done the work you’ve set out to do.

Here are 7 Great Reasons to Join a Coworking Space:

  1. There’s always tea (also coffee if you must)

Self explanatory, no? I’m always sipping a cup while working and it’s great to not have to empty my personal stock ha-ha

  1. There’s always a workshop/ meet up/ mixer happening

Again, pretty self explanatory. These events usually include alcohol (in which case, see my previous answer regarding my personal stock), and is a great way for you to grow your business and network.

  1. Free Printing

If we’re all being honest, no one likes to spend money on paper. Or ink. But we all have to print at some point. What’s better than not having to worry about paper or ink??? Also, what’s better than FREE printing? (maybe free beer, but still)

  1. No kids, husbands, or other humans that require your complete focus to function

Your hours spent there are your own personal mini vacation whenever you need one. A few hours at the office, where you control the noise level, the whining and the crying? I’ll take that, yes please!

  1. Coffee shops suck

I mean they’re great in the short term, but when starbucks gets crowded and it starts to feel like your sharing a chair, or when you have an important business call, or when your mother in law comes to town and wants to see where you work… it’s not so great. The last thing you need is your mother in law’s judgmental eyes sizing up your favorite coffee shop table.

  1. A Professional Business Address

The feeling of accomplishment that comes when ordering documents or talking to clients, is such an amazing one. “Yes, you can send it over to my office.” Also, re: Mother in law will be way more impressed.

  1. The atmosphere

The best atmosphere for an entrepreneur to be in is one where they’re surrounded by like minded individuals. Everyone is hustling, and working to make their dreams come true. You don’t have to explain or justify why you chose to branch out on your own, or take the road less traveled. They’ve done the same.


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